Trump Tells Hassidic Reporter To Sit Down

Jews whining over President Trump telling Hassidic Jew reporter to sit down at news conference.  First of all the jew said he had a simple question for Trump and then went on and on about what Trump was going to do about the “rise in anti- semetic” events taking place around the country.  Supposedly forty something bomb threats were called into jewish places of worship etc.  Well I call bullshit!! As you should know by now Jews are famous for staging fake news about anti- semetic events that have never taken place or they are the perpetrators themselves.

Jewish organizations were quick to condemn the president.   David Harris, CEO of the American Jewish Congress calling Trump’s reaction “unfair. Harris went onto say,  “Instead of answering a timely and legitimate question, the president chose instead chose to besmirch the reporter,” said Harris, noting that the President also dodged a second question at the same press conference on anti-Semitism.

Enough is enough already with these whining cry baby Jews.  If they dont get there way they scream anti semitism!!

Trump went onto say , he is the least anti-semetic person there is and the least racist.  Hell the guy has Jewish grandchildren by his daughter who is married to an othordox Jew.