South American Gangs Recruiting in Elementary Schools

MS 13 Latin American gang is recruiting kids from elementary schools. Im sure the gang formed because of poverty...yeah right

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The non-white gangs are a huge problem in the USA.  They are a result of our criminal traitor politicians not enforcing our immigration laws and allowing so called sanctuary cities.  Every city in the USA is a sanctuary city, no immigration laws are enforced in any of them!! They are nothing more than non white, gang and crime ridden hellholes.  They have over run parts of our once great cities and turned them into war zones.  My question is: When will the cops take violent action against these vicious criminals???  They know who the gang members are, they know where they hangout and sell their drugs etc.

I blame the cops and the district attorneys for this gang problem. Why dont they try them under the RICO statute?  They obviously are a criminal organization with a hierarchy of people. They try the outlaw biker gangs under RICO, but never the violent non white gangs!!!

The ongoing nonwhite invasion of America—and the racial replacement of white people with Third Worlders—has been highlighted once again with the news that notorious South American gang MS-13 is now recruiting in northern Virginia’s elementary schools—which cater for students aged from 10 years and under.

According to local news reports, gang leaders from the MS-13 gang—which is made up of Central Americans mostly of Salvadoran origin—have started an active recruitment process in the elementary schools of northern Virginia bordering Washington D.C.

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These areas have long since been overrun by the Third World invasion of America, and whites are an absolute minority in the area’s school system.

Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force Director Jay Lanham told media that MS-13 is now recruiting in “5th grade and on.” The average age of 5th graders is between 10 and 11.