The first thing people have to understand is that there’s a difference between separatism and supremacism. It’s not like Jews just have this reasonable idea that they’re a unique people and that they want to preserve their heritage and their culture, and that they just want to be left alone. No, that would be a separatist… and that doesn’t work for Jews. Most people in this country, whether they want to admit it or not, are separatists. Even though the cowardly White people will never admit it, that’s exactly what they are and that’s exactly how they live!

Now, supremacism is something completely different. You have to understand that Jews need to live on the blood, sweat, and work of others to survive. It’s genetic, and it’s just the way they are. They live to exploit others and use whatever means necessary to gain control of an industry or an instrument of society. It’s always been that way, and that’s why they’ve been thrown out of so many countries. The vampire analogy is the best one I can think of: they need to be around Gentiles because they can’t suck the blood of fellow vampires. And that’s what we have here. Jewish supremacism is literally killing us. Its killing our soul, its killing our spirit, its killing our will, its killing our pride, and it’s killing our nation… what’s left of it!!!

Jews are nation wreckers… and once they’re done with one nation, they’ll move to the next. And once they’re done destroying this country, they’ll just move on to the next country… whether its China, India, or a Latin American country. There’s no loyalty in this folks. There’s no guilt, there’s no sorrow, there’s no shame with these people. It’s the way they are, and you’re never going to change it because it’s genetic. And as you all know, those genes are fucking strong!!!

Organized Jewry is well aware that in order to destroy a people, you 1st have to distort and destroy their history. And they’ve definitely destroyed our pride in our history. These scumbag Jewish Marxists have millions of people believing that the White Men who settled, founded, and built this country were nothing but rapists and murders. Rapists and murders that stole native American land. I’ve made this point several times in the past and I’m going to reiterate it once again… what made it their land??? If you want to get into who really came here first, look up the Kennewick man and the Clovis People. You might learn something. There’s a lot of evidence now that Europeans or Caucasoids were actually here first. Even the Smithsonian and the history channel reported on that.

Nevertheless, we’re told that this land belonged to “Native Americans” or “Indians.” A nomadic people that came over here thousands of years ago from Mongolia and other parts of Asia, and remained living here as nomadic hunters and gathers. There was no progress made, no technological advancement, no central planning, no infrastructure whatsoever, and most importantly no country. There were only warring tribes roaming the plains and the wilderness.

Just think logically for minute here… what would this place be without the Whites who settled here? Look around you, look at your home, look at your streets, your highways, your buildings, your running water, your bathroom, your shower, your car, your plane, your train, your phone, your computer… what the fuck would you have here if it wasn’t for these “so called” evil White People??? And just remember folks… that a nation that loses its sense of history soon ceases to be a nation. And I think we’re at that point right now!

In addition to history, the Jews have used multi-culturalism as a tool. To put it more accurately, it’s actually multi-racialism. Be it as it may, they’ve promoted and shoved both ideologies down our throats, celebrating every culture-except for Western white European culture. Here’s a direct quote from Susan Sontag… a famous Jewish Marxist writer and filmmaker, and so called political activist. She stated that “The white race is the cancer of humanity.” And all of her little Jewish Marxist friends colluded to tear our borders open, permitting, and even cheering on, all of these Third World immigrants who are replacing us as the majority. And who were the people behind these immigration laws???

I’ll give you (2) guesses. If one of the answers wasn’t the Jew, you’re wrong! The Javitzes, the Lautenbergs, and the Cellers were the primary suspects that designed the legislation known as the “Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.” If you don’t know what that law did… look it up. It’s helped to destroy this country! And what’s interesting is that they’ve done all this to our immigration policies while simultaneously, and with no sense of irony, supporting Israel’s “Jews-only” immigration policy! But that’s ok. Jews are allowed to be hypocritical and racist.

Here’s a Quote from Menachem Begin (a former Israeli Prime Minister / terrorist): “Our race (speaking of the Jews) is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

All throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s they pushed real hard for this social experiment called “racial integration.” A failed experiment that just hasn’t worked, and it never will. And remember, it wasn’t blacks that started the Civil Rights movement folks. Jews were always at the helm of the black civil rights movement. Jews founded the NAACP and headed it until the 1970s, but not because they love black people, no, no, no…. they wanted to use them, just like they use everyone else. In the case of the blacks, the Jews wanted them as foot-soldiers to seal Jewish control over the institutions of the United States, They did this by weakening and dumbing-down white education, and radicalizing and destroying the Black community with increased violence, rape and murder of the white majority.


All of this went hand in hand with promoting a disgusting & degenerate culture to gentiles. It’s pretty obvious that the Jews have also destroyed the culture… creating, pushing and profiting from the most disgusting forms of pornography and entertainment. And BTW, Jews make up 90% of all American pornographers. Hollywood, which they also control, has mainstreamed homosexuality and SHOVED it in our face. It’s in every movie and every show as normal, natural, healthy, enjoyable and even fashionable.

And just so you know… Jews have founded, funded and fronted every single homosexual advocacy group in America – Bar None. But porn & homosexuality are just the beginnings of it… they promote pedophilia, scatology, drug and alcohol abuse, self-indulgence, and they love to promote race mixing – they seem to be obsessed with that one! And don’t give this shit about well…. you did stupid things when you were younger, you listened to rap music, or you did drugs, or you abused alcohol, or you jerked off to Jew Porn… so what? I also shit in pants for the 1st 2 years of my life… I don’t do that anymore… maybe some of you do… I don’t know?

But part of life is growing up and learning from your mistakes and correcting your life. There are a lot of things that I regret doing, but unlike some of you of there, I’ve removed them from my life. And whether you want to admit it or not, if the TV is a BIG part of your life, you have a serious fucking problem and you basically have a Jewish Value System. And if you’re one of these morons that turns it on and doesn’t get disgusted by the programing, by this false sense of reality, by the feminization of men and the masculinization of women, by all the negative and disgusting shit on there… I’m sorry to say this but there’s something wrong with you… and you really need to change your life!!!

Their final target is the youth. They’ve been going after the minds of the youth for generations now, and they’ve completely brainwashed our children and young adults. Not only with their control of the Mass Media, but with their control of the colleges, universities, and the department of education. And what are the doctrines they’ve given us??? I’m going to focus on (4) of them, and end the rant here.

(1)    Marxism: We all know what that led to, and the millions of innocent people that died under horrible regimes.

(2)     Deconstructionism: This ideology is really Jewish in nature because it advocates the literal destruction of societal norms, values, and established gender roles that have been with us forever, across the world in every single culture and people. And this has led to a steady diet of anti-male and anti-family books – where many women now see the prospect of marriage and child-rearing as an impediment to their liberation. And as a desired result… it’s led to a sharp decline in the gentile birthrate.

(3)    Relativism: This one annoys me the most!!! It’s the concept that points of view have no absolute truth or validity, that there is no absolute truth…. that there’s only relative or subjective truths… according to differences in perception. What this means is there’s no right or wrong… and what it does…. is it confuses the shit out of people… who are otherwise intelligent… and unfortunately I know a lot of white people who buy into this garbage.

(4)    Racism: They invented the word racism. A “racist” is now someone who prefers to be left alone, prefers to live and associate amongst his/or her own kind, marry within his/or her own race, and have children with his/or her own race. And an “anti-Semite” is no longer someone who hates Jews, but someone who dares to mention aloud any aspect of their sick and twisted, and disgusting anti-human agenda.

Do you get the picture yet?

Commentary by RICH (Truth Militia Radio)