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We will not apologize for anything!!

The Jewish controlled mass media is constantly tell white people to apologize and feel guilty for all the so called “terrible” atrocities that we supposedly committed against other peoples.  We will not apologize for anything!!


The Theory/”Belief” Of Evolution Is Nonsense

Although I dont agree with the producer of this film entirely on his views of the bible, because they are incorrect, it is a good film which debunks the nonsense of Evolution.  The professors and others like them are poisoning the minds of our college and high school students with the fantasy of evolution.  Even though Darwin wasnt a Jew, the satanic seedline Jews, who own all the school book publishing companies, have decided that the lie of evolution is the key to our existence.  It is a lie!!!  There has never been one example of evolution taking place.  Adaptation yes, evolution NO!!!  A bird is still a bird, a fish is still a fish, a monkey is still a monkey.  A bird has never evolved into a tiger,  a fish has never evolved into a bird, and a monkey has never evolved into a man PERIOD!


Austrians are Opening Their Homes to so called “Refugees”

This article is absolutely disgusting.   Austrians are opening their homes up to filthy 3rd world refugees.  This is very unsafe and disturbing.  How many woman are going to be raped in their own homes by this measure???

From Aljezzeera:

Why Austrians are opening their homes to refugees

In the midst of an asylum housing crisis in Austria, a new initiative invites refugees to stay in people’s spare rooms.

Asylum seekers crowd the mess hall of the Traiskirchen refugee camp south of Vienna [AP]

Vienna, Austria – Sitting on a sofa in their Vienna flat, they laughed as they planned their night out together.

Although the conversation sounded like it could have been any exchange among flatmates, this flat-share was slightly unusual.

Uche Daniel, 25, is a refugee from Nigeria. He had met his Austrian flatmates – Patricia Hartl and Simone Fidler – two weeks earlier through Flüchtlinge Willkommen (Refugees Welcome), an initiative inviting asylum seekers and refugees to stay in people’s spare rooms instead of in mass accommodation centres.

“I wonder why it hasn’t been done before,” said 24-year-old Simone. “It just makes sense. People are having to sleep in tents while there are so many rooms free.”

Like many European countries, Austria is currently experiencing a crisis in asylum housing.


Why Are People Afraid Of Facts About Jews…….

This is an excellent video, except that like most people today, the narrator does not understand that the Bible is not a Jewish book, because the Jews are neither Israelites nor Judah. In fact, the only “Jewish” book in the Bible is the book called Esther, which the narrator mentions.

The video is great. But the truth is that the only Jewish book in the entire Bible is Esther. The people known as Jews today infiltrated and subverted ancient Judaea 2,200 years ago. They infiltrated and began to subvert the Roman Catholic church 800 years ago, and in some ways even long before that. They infiltrated and subverted American Christianity and use it for their own purposes since the 19th century. True Christianity is 100% anti-Jewish.

Great Video By Scott Roberts About Donald Trump

Donald Trump is put out there to be the new “Ron Paul” or the new “Tea Party”, for people who are angry with the current political establishment.   Nothing more. This is right out of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.   He loves the Jews and Israel.  Hell, his daughter is married to a Jew.  Trump is a phony puppet who is completely controlled by the Jews.

Welcome To The Updated Version Of Truth Militia

There is only one cause of the problems in the world today.  There is one group of people who perpetrate lie after lie and false history on the people of the world.  They control your politics, media, and banking among other aspects of society.  They truly are the destroyers of the world and are the originators of “The Big Lie”……The International Jewish race/ethnic group.  Being Jewish has nothing to do with religion, it is blood/ DNA based.  Here is some proof written about in a highly respected jewish publication…http://forward.com/culture/155742/jews-are-a-race-genes-reveal/

White people must wake up to the Jewish destruction of society.  They destroy us through an agenda of historical lies, promotion of race mixing, promotion of degenerate behavior, and destruction of the family unit.  They are also responsible  for the flooding of historically white countries with illegal 3rd world immigrants, among other devious acts too numerable to list.

We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own.”  From the book You Gentiles…by Author,  Maurice Samuels

I hope you pass along the information on this website to family, friends, and others.

News articles of interest will be posted but comments are moderated or sometimes closed due to Jewish hasbarats and other trolls.  If you must reach out email at truthmilitia@yahoo.com