Argentina’s Inflation Woes Are On Its Way To The USA….Wake UP!!!!

In January alone the inflation rate in Argentina Jumped 3.7%…..The Jewish invention known as the IMF Bank is in control of the country.  They dictate what Argentinian officials do with the nation’s currency which in turn controls the inflation rate.  The IMF is the equivalent of the The USA’S Federal Reserve Bank……

Wake UP White People!!!   Stop watching the idiotic sports and reality TV shows everyday and learn what is going on in the real world!!!!!!


Buenos Aires (AFP) – Argentine waitress Daiana Alonso didn’t need international economists to tell her that prices were rising fast, she has already been forced to give up buying meat.

Like many Argentines, the 23-year-old low income worker is concerned about the widespread inflation that has taken root since the beginning of the year.

On Thursday, under pressure from the IMF, Argentina introduced a new way to measure inflation, which confirmed what most consumers already knew.

And Argentina’s sharp devaluation of its currency in January will only fuel the nation’s already sky-high inflation.

“You feel it at the supermarket. I stopped buying chicken and beef when prices climbed a lot. A box of powdered milk for my child climbed from 45 to 55 pesos ($5.8 to $7.0),” Alonso said

Beef, an Argentine staple renowned for its quality, is now a luxury in many homes after prices for the most popular cuts jumped up to 23 percent since the beginning of the year alone.

“Everything is going up, but not our salaries,” added the waitress, as she walked with her four-year-old daughter Martina in downtown Buenos Aires.

Over the past two years, independent private sector economists have estimated Argentina’s annual inflation at more than 25 percent, compared to the government’s figure of around 10 percent.

In 2012, the International Monetary Fund warned Argentina over its failure to provide regular data on inflation and economic growth through measures that meet the Fund’s standards.

Economy Minister Axel Kicillof unveiled a new measure this week, and confirmed that inflation was a sky-high 3.7 percent for the month of January alone.

But this would have come as no surprise to Laura Martinez, 44, who is confronted by inflation every time she fills a monthly prescription for her nine-year-old daughter.

“What? 600 pesos? Last month, I paid 530 pesos. I’ll buy it anyways; at any rate, I don’t have a choice,” she exclaimed in the pharmacy.

The prescription’s price rose in the last month from 1,770 pesos to 2,000 pesos, but her insurance pays for 70 percent of the cost.

- Fighting cheese theft -


In some supermarkets, basic consumer goods whose prices have surged — like tuna or grated cheese — are protected by anti-theft devices.

Imported products in particular have been hit hard by last month’s de facto devaluation, when the government allowed the official dollar exchange rate to move closer to the blackmarket one.

Romina Ferre, for example, has stopped buying the Scotch whiskey her husband loves.

For several weeks, President Cristina Kirchner has pointed a blaming finger at distributors and stores for price hikes.

The center-left leader accuses financial markets of destabilizing the government and businesspeople of price gouging.

“They wanted the government to crumble but in reality they were destroying Argentina, and when that happens jobs, savings, and businesses crumble,” she said last week.

Economists have advised Kirchner to reduce the budget deficit, currently at five percent of GDP, and to limit wage increases and social welfare.

But Gerardo Felippini, 52, who started building his house in the middle of the crisis, doesn’t understand how a bag of cement made domestically can cost 55 pesos one day and 85 the next.

An employee at a large pharmacy chain estimated that the price of drugs has climbed 30 percent.

“A nebulizer for asthma, which cost 500 pesos last week is 800 pesos today. A mosquito repellent worth 40 pesos sells today for 75,” she said.

“But what can you do? People can’t stop buying medicine. It’s a matter of life or death.”


Israeli Knesset: Internet Antisemitism is “Like a Tsunami Wave”


Visit The Daily Stormer if you havent already……It is a great news site telling the truth about what is going on in the world.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2014


That’s right. We’re taking it back.

It seems the Jews have caught on to our little internet community here, and are preparing to take action against us in order to save themselves from being rounded-up and  with disinfectant spray.

Seriously though.  If I had total control of the government, the only thing I would do to the Jews is strip them of their assets and send them all back to Israel.  I wouldn’t even bother putting most of them on trial, unless they were clearly responsible for murder or ripping off more than a hundred million dollars as part of one of these insane banking scams.

I just want rid of these people.  It is only their intrinsic, genetic narcissism that leads them to believe we want their diseased blood on our hands.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Anti-Semitism on the net is “like a tsunami wave,” Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee chairman MK Yoel Razbozov said during a Sunday hearing on online hate speech.

Razbozov called for countries to enact legislation restricting online hate, and warned that if Jews will not act to combat the spread of anti-Semitism online, they will eventually “find themselves in mortal danger.”

Representatives of the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, the Israeli Internet Association and the Anti-Defamation League, among other bodies, testified regarding the dangers of online hate and discussed methods of combating disinformation about Jews and Israel.

The Anti-Defamation League testified regarding its ongoing relationship with Internet hosting company GoDaddy to take down anti-Semitic websites, citing some 30 sites it said were taken down by the American company.

[...]The World Zionist Organization established a communications center for combating hate online and is beginning two pilot courses for training Israelis to engage in this struggle, WZO Department for Countering Anti-Semitism chief Yaakov Hagoel told lawmakers.

“I don’t see us winning the battle but at least we are putting up a fight,” he said.

While combating disinformation with facts and taking anti-Semitism offline were both tactics discussed during the meeting, only the former will have any substantial impact, committee member MK Dov Lipman told The Jerusalem Post.

“I fear that we are fighting a losing battle,” he said. “I am convinced that our focus should be on getting Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and urge websites to remove anti-Semitic materials and not with setting up our own sites and pages to negate the anti-Semitism. I will present this proposal to the chairman of the committee and will push hard for this to be the government’s direction.”

Hear that, folks?  This tsunami wave cannot be fought with logical arguments, it must be stamped out by authoritarian decree.  If it could be debated away, these Jews could just invite me to the Knesset and we could have a public, moderated debate, and just get this “Jewish Problem” business all cleared up once and for all.

And I ask ye – where, oh where, is the peak of this tsunami wave of digital hatred for the filthy parasitical Jew?

Right here, brothers and sister, at the Daily Stormer.

Don’t touch that dial.

Major Chains Closing Hundreds Of Stores

If the economy is improving and the Jewish controlled stock market is up over 16,000, why are the stores closing?????  Could it be that the economy sucks and the jews and shabbas goy on CNBC are all fucking liars…..Wake up white people its all a charade…..the unemployment rate is NOT 6 percent something and the economy sucks.  CNBC and all other mainstream media outlets are either managed, owned, or controlled by nefarious Jews.  Wake Up and think a little bit!!!!


Hundreds of stores across the nation are closing as some of America’s most famous retailers struggle to stay in business.

The country is facing what CNBC has labeled a tsunami of store closings and blogger Michael Snyder has called a retail apocalypse.

Sears, K-Mart, Best Buy and JC Penney are among the big names in American retail that could disappear in the coming years, according to investment analysts. If or when these chains collapse, thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in sales tax revenue will disappear.

Major retailers are posed to close 300 stores in the United States this year and that is only the beginning, CNBC reported. Up to half of the retail stores in the United States could disappear in the next 10 years, analyst Michael Burden told CNBC.

“Shoppers will likely see an average decrease in overall retail square footage of between one-third and one-half within the next five to 10 years, as a shift to e-commerce brings with it fewer mall visits and a lesser need to keep inventory stocked in-store,” Burden told CNBC.

Shocking Numbers of the Retail Apocalypse

The numbers related to the “retail apocalypse” are staggering.

The scary statistics include:

  • JC Penney, which lost $586 million in three months in 2013, is planning to close 33 stores in 19 states and lay off 2,000 people. JC Penney’s stock has lost 84 percent of its value since February 2012.
  • Sears has decided to shut down its flagship store in Downtown Chicago, and it has closed 300 stores in the United States since 2010. Stock analyst Brian Sozzi noted that Sear’s inventory levels have fallen by 23.7 percent since 2006. He also noted that Sears had $4.4 billion in cash and equivalents in 2005 but $609 million in cash and equivalents in 2012. Sozzi, who calls himself a guerrilla analyst, has a blog full of disturbing pictures of empty Sears stores.
  • Macy’s, one of the few retail success stories, is planning to close five stores and eliminate 2,500 jobs.
  • Radio Shack is preparing to close 500 stores, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • Best Buy recently closed 50 stores and eliminated 950 jobs at stores in Canada.
  • Target announced plans to eliminate 475 jobs and not fill 700 empty positions to reduce costs.
  • Aeropostale is planning to close 175 stores.
  • Blockbuster has closed down all of its stores.

Retail Apocalypse Will Get Worse

No new indoor shopping malls have been built in the United States since 2006, real estate executive Rick Caruso told CNBC.

So what’s causing the retail apocalypse? Different analysts have different answers. Motley Fool writer John Maxfield blames and other online retailers. Maxfield notes that online retailers have lower overhead and often can offer better prices.

He also said that many retailers are in much worse financial shape than many believe. To keep their shelves stocked, retailers such as Best Buy purchase goods on consignment. That is, a manufacturer ships items to the store that haven’t been paid for yet. The idea is that the goods will sell and generate enough revenue to pay the bill.

The problem with this arrangement is that if the goods don’t sell, the retailer still has to pay for them. If it cannot pay for the goods, the retailer may have to declare bankruptcy and shut down. That’s what happened to Circuit City.

Is the Middle Class Disappearing?

Another popular theory is the number of middle class people who make up the majority of these stores’ customers is falling. The New York Times recently found that businesses that sell to the rich are thriving while those that cater to the middle class such as Sears are floundering.

“As a retailer or restaurant chain, if you’re not at the really high level or the low level, that’s a tough place to be,” PricewaterhouseCoopers Analyst John G. Maxwell told The Times. “You don’t want to be stuck in the middle.”


The Modern White Male… Pathetic!

Today’s Modern White Man is a pathetic bird-chest faggot with string-bean arms who refuses to fight back… a feminine coward who let’s primitive savages shit all over them. Stop being timid you White fairy men out there…

Get your ass in the gym, train hard, get aggressive, be angry (when necessary) and let these fucking savages know right off the bat that you mean business!!! 

Real Men are not bothered by anyone!

Warning to our European Visitors: Get Your Money out the Banks Now!!!


At first we thought Reuters had been punk’d in its article titled “EU executive sees personal savings used to plug long-term financing gap” which disclosed the latest leaked proposal by the European Commission, but after several hours without a retraction, we realized that the story is sadly true. Sadly, because everything that we warned about in “There May Be Only Painful Ways Out Of The Crisis” back in September of 2011, and everything that the depositors and citizens of Cyprus had to live through, seems on the verge of going continental. In a nutshell, and in Reuters’ own words, “the savings of the European Union’s 500 million citizens could be used to fund long-term investments to boost the economy and help plug the gap left by banks since the financial crisis, an EU document says.” What is left unsaid is that the “usage” will be on a purely involuntary basis, at the discretion of the “union”, and can thus best be described as confiscation.

The source of this stunner is a document seen be Reuters, which describes how the EU is looking for ways to “wean” the 28-country bloc from its heavy reliance on bank financing and find other means of funding small companies, infrastructure projects and other investment. So as Europe finally admits that the ECB has failed to unclog its broken monetary pipelines for the past five years – something we highlight every month (most recently in No Waking From Draghi’s Monetary Nightmare: Eurozone Credit Creation Tumbles To New All Time Low), the commissions report finally admits that “the economic and financial crisis has impaired the ability of the financial sector to channel funds to the real economy, in particular long-term investment.”

The solution? “The Commission will ask the bloc’s insurance watchdog in the second half of this year for advice on a possible draft law “to mobilize more personal pension savings for long-term financing”, the document said.” Mobilize, once again, is a more palatable word than, say, confiscate. And yet this is precisely what Europe is contemplating: Banks have complained they are hindered from lending to the economy by post-crisis rules forcing them to hold much larger safety cushions of capital and liquidity.

The document said the “appropriateness” of the EU capital and liquidity rules for long-term financing will be reviewed over the next two years, a process likely to be scrutinized in the United States and elsewhere to head off any risk of EU banks gaining an unfair advantage.

But wait: there’s more!

Inspired by the recently introduced “no risk, guaranteed return” collectivized savings instrument in the US better known as MyRA, Europe will also complete a study by the end of this year on the feasibility of introducing an EU savings account, open to individuals whose funds could be pooled and invested in small companies. Because when corporations refuse to invest money in Capex, who will invest? Why you, dear Europeans. Whether you like it or not.

But wait, there is still more!

Additionally, Europe is seeking to restore the primary reason why Europe’s banks are as insolvent as they are: securitizations, which the persuasive salesmen and sexy saleswomen of Goldman et al sold to idiot European bankers, who in turn invested the money or widows and orphans only to see all of it disappear. It is also seeking to revive the securitization market, which pools loans like mortgages into bonds that banks can sell to raise funding for themselves or companies. The market was tarnished by the financial crisis when bonds linked to U.S. home loans began defaulting in 2007, sparking the broader global markets meltdown over the ensuing two years.

The document says the Commission will “take into account possible future increases in the liquidity of a number of securitization products” when it comes to finalizing a new rule on what assets banks can place in their new liquidity buffers. This signals a possible loosening of the definition of eligible assets from the bloc’s banking watchdog. Because there is nothing quite like securitizing feta cheese-backed securities and selling it to a whole new batch of widows and orphans.

And topping it all off is a proposal to address a global change in accounting principles that will make sure that an accurate representation of any bank’s balance sheet becomes a distant memory: More controversially, the Commission will consider whether the use of fair value or pricing assets at the going rate in a new globally agreed accounting rule “is appropriate, in particular regarding long-term investing business models”. To summarize: forced savings “mobilization”, the introduction of a collective and involuntary CapEx funding “savings” account, the return and expansion of securitization, and finally, tying it all together, is a change to accounting rules that will make the entire inevitable catastrophe smells like roses until it all comes crashing down.

So, aside from all this, Europe is “fixed.” The only remaining question is: why leak this now? Perhaps it’s simply because the reallocation of “cash on the savings account sidelines” in the aftermath of the Cyprus deposit confiscation, into risk assets was not foreceful enough? What better way to give it a much needed boost than to leak that everyone’s cash savings are suddenly fair game in Europe’s next great wealth redistribution strategy. SOURCE

The Knockout Game… White Idiots Learning about it the Hard Way, Again!

Mob of blacks attack ‘cracker’ in Cleveland | “Knock that White Boy Out”

There’s evidence of more violent teens running around the heart of downtown Cleveland. A disabled Army vet spoke out about the latest attack that happened Friday, Feb. 7, 2014. Matthew Robinson told our Ed Gallek he was riding RTA’s Healthline when six to eight teenagers surrounded him on the bus, and then started following him.

Then, he said they attacked, took his stuff, and videotaped what they were doing. The incident went down at 6th and Euclid, and the crowd scattered when cops showed up. Robinson told 19 Action News, “What they were saying was, ‘Knock that boy out!’ ‘White boy.’ ‘Cracker.’ They were saying, ‘Knock that white boy out.'”


The victim said not only did the group taunt him with racial slurs, they also videotaped the incident. Cleveland Police hustled and found three of the suspects running from the scene. They apprehended an 18 and 19-year-old guy, plus a 16 year-old-girl who had the video on her phone.

Violent teens and even mobs have been a problem around Public Square recently. Last month a teen was brutally beaten on the square, and at times the power of a massive police presence was needed to take back the square. Matthew, a disabled Army vet, wants his story to be a warning to everyone living, or venturing downtown. “Your mother or sister could be on the bus, and the same thing could happen to them,” added Mr. Robinson.

Read full article here:…k-man-downtown

Cannibalism on the rise in Africa


Nigeria: Restaurant Served Roasted Human Heads
by: Vasudevan Sridharan

A restaurant in the Nigerian state of Anambra has been shut down after the authorities reportedly found it has been selling dishes made of human meat. The police recovered at least two fresh human heads when they arrested 11 people from the restaurant including the owner, six women and four men, following a tip-off. The blood-soaked heads were found wrapped in cellophane sheets.

SAFRICA-LONMIN/47 rifles, other weapons, dozens of rounds of ammunitions and several mobile phones during the raid. “Each time I came to market, because the hotel is very close to the market, I always noticed funny movements in and out of the hotel; dirty people with dirty characters always come into the hotel. So, I was not surprised when the police made this discovery in the early hours of yesterday,” a local resident told the Osun Defender.

A pastor, who was shocked to know that what he had eaten was human meat, complained to the police. 2.5), I was surprised. So I did not know it was human meat that I ate at such expensive price,” the unidentified pastor said.
Reports of cannibalism sometimes emerge in Nigeria, but this is the first time a restaurant has been booked for selling human meat dishes.

Read full article here:…busted-1435500


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